Quality is Defined by Our Customers

Supporting your initiatives to efficiently deliver the highest quality product, on time, and to the right place to your customers is our responsibility. Sunland manages multiple ISO 9001 operations, and our team has begun the journey to become a lean organization.

Partner with a 3PL committed to embedding innovation and continuous improvement into your operation.

Lean Initiative | LeanCor Partnership

What is lean? Lean is about creating maximum value for our customers at the lowest total cost while respecting our associates and offering safe and rewarding careers. Sunland began its lean journey in 2014 and is building a culture rooted in continuous process improvement and empowering associates to expose and solve problems.

Sunland customers benefit from our focus on eliminating waste and creating an efficient operation as part of a broader supply chain. Sunland has a strategic partnership with LeanCor Supply Chain Group, a team of supply chain experts specializing in training and education, consulting, and third party logistics services. Together we are able to offer our customers an end-to-end supply chain approach that challenges the status quo of an operation and ultimately provides an unmatched, comprehensive solution.

Quality & Innovations Policy

Sunland Logistics Solution, Inc. continuously improves its services by:

  • Listening to customers and the external environment
  • Engaging associates
  • Adjusting processes to meet the needs & expectations of customers
  • Reliably delivering on-time, defect-free products & services to customers
  • Never losing focus of providing creative solutions & practical innovations

Quality and Innovation Program

Sunland’s Quality and Innovations Program, or QIP, is designed to ensure quality and lean principles are systemic throughout our organization. The QIP helps us continuously improve the service we provide to you. The QIP is led strategically by the Quality & Innovations Council (QIC) composed of senior leaders and tactically at the site level by Quality & Innovations Teams (QITs).

Key components to our quality management system include:

  • Safety
  • Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction
  • Lean Principles & Tools
  • Quality Planning
  • Training & Development
  • Performance
  • Continuous Improvement / Innovation
  • Management Review
  • Document & Record Control
  • Auditing
  • Sustainability

Results-Driven Customer Care

We hold ourselves accountable for creating value and a win-win outcome with our customers. Ensuring that every customer has multiple levels of relationship owners in the organization is our standard practice.

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