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Returns management
FTZ Accessibility
EDI integration
Ecommerce fulfillment
Pallet assembly
Bulk transfer
Flaking & Pastillation
Lot tracking
Flammable / Hazmat storage
Drum, tote, Bag, fill line
Heat rail cars, tanks, ISO Tanks, & totes
Storage tanks
Toll processing & blending
Vendor managed inventory
Process design
Sperrlager process
Complete bank build management
Service parts management
Sanitizing rolls
Roll Refinishing
Large Roll OD Handing


As innovative technologies emerge, so do the opportunities to improve our operations and increase efficiency in our supply chains. Sunland approaches Warehouse Management technology solutions with careful review, assessment, constant improvement and transformation to help our customers build world class distribution operations.

Our team has vast experience in operating a variety of WMS platforms. Whether you need us to work in your existing in-house system, want to establish SAP connectivity, or leverage the advantages of Sunland’s WMS, we can implement solutions that fit the specific IT needs of your supply chain.

Our WMS capabilities include:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Systems integration
  • Communication manager
  • Mobile options
  • Data export
  • KPI dashboards
  • Enhanced label printing
  • Vendor Managed Inventory solutions

Advantages of Electronic Data Interchange Flow Between Sunland Customers & Sunland

With EDI connectivity, you can benefit from a more efficient process and avoid additional costs.

EDI provides notifications of inbound receipts to the warehouse and then notifies the customer of outbound shipments leaving the warehouse. One of the largest advantages to EDI communications is increased accuracy through the reduction manually inputting receipts/ shipments.

EDI Basic Steps:

  • The customer creates their orders via their WMS or ERP software and then sends that electronically to Sunland
  • Sunland grabs the file, and then imports it into our WMS system, which in-turn creates the inbound receipt (eliminating opportunity for human error)
  • The order is picked and shipped
  • Once the order is shipped, Sunland sends the shipment notification back to the customer, electronically, and inventories are updated automatically

Sunland currently has direct Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with BMW and is in the process of setting up direct EDI with additional OEMs. Between having direct EDI and FTZ accessibility, Sunland is able to provide valuable material planning services and cost-saving opportunities to our automotive customers.

Sunland’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) has direct EDI connectivity, this enables:

  • Forecasting
  • JIT Delivery
  • Sequencing
  • Material Planning

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities:

Sunland offers you enhanced inventory visibility and customized reporting systems in addition to the reporting capabilities within our WMS. We offer additional technologies to help monitor information and send notification alerts based on preconditions defined by our customer along with real time snapshots of information reported to you at whatever frequency is desired.

Reverse Logistics

Return rates are increasing along with the shift in consumers’ shopping habits and more product recalls. Partnering with reverse logistics experts helps you turn this challenging part of your supply chain into an opportunity to gain cost savings through more efficient processes and to provide a better experience for your customers.

reverse-logisticsSunland is emerging as a leader in the industry for returns management and has a strong internal and external network of well respected academicians and practitioners considered to be authorities in this growing field.

We currently operate returns centers for major retailers and provide:

  • Repacking / Rework
  • Quality control & auditing
  • Grading & testing
  • Re-labeling & tagging
  • Garment processing
  • Packaging design
  • Customs compliance
  • Kitting & co-packaging
  • Line sequencing

Our management team has extensive experience starting and managing returns centers operations for global companies handling a wide range of product types, including consumer goods products, apparel, and appliances.

TMS Solutions

Sunland’s partnership with LeanCor Supply Chain Group allows us to provide customized technology to drive Lean through the supply chain and logistics functions, placing network visibility back into our customer’s hands. The LeanCor TMS capabilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Transportation Bid Management
  • Carrier Qualification & Training
  • Inbound/ Outbound Logistics Network Design
  • Carrier Selection & Load Tendering
  • Web-based TMS Visibility
  • Proactive Track & Trace
  • International Transportation Solutions
  • Issue Reporting & Escalation
  • Core Carrier Program
  • Carrier Scorecard Reporting
  • Carrier Performance Management
  • Freight Claim Management
  • Freight Bill Audit & Pay Management



We use SUNTRANS LLC, a South Carolina based shuttle truck company, to offer our customers fast and reliable product delivery:

  • Milk run services up to 100 mile radius
  • Responsive and flexible in adapting to schedule changes
  • Cost competitive
  • Drivers able to assist in loading & unloading


Sunland operates multiple NFS & CSX rail served facilities to support supply chains using intermodal transportation.

Foreign Trade Zone

Sunland currently has access to and operates active FTZ space. Foreign Trade Zones were created to encourage US participation in national trade and to defer payments of duties until goods are entered into the commerce of the United States. Foreign goods may be admitted to an FTZ without being subject to customs duties and certain excise taxes.

  • Duty % is based on type of product 
  • Incentivizes manufacturing in the U.S. 

Consolidating and delaying duties payments to —or avoiding duties and excise taxes altogether—is beneficial to customers who import to our FTZ. Customers may import into our FTZ zone and export back out of the country without ever entering U.S. Commerce.


Whether you are an automotive supplier looking for Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) space to provide cost savings or a retailer seeking a partner to help you navigate the omni-channel environment, Sunland provides:

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