eCommerce Fulfillment

Fulfilling customer orders & expectations

Sunland can serve as your partner for growth and act as an extension of your business to successfully manage eCommerce order fulfillment & omni-channel solutions.

We can help you:
  • Scale your business while controlling costs
  • Enhance consumer experience across channels
  • Gain valuable insight with connected technology & advanced analytics

Positioning your inventory in fulfillment centers closer to your customers increases speed of sale to delivery and enhances customer satisfaction.

eCommerce Logisitics Solutions

  • Minimizing inventory costs by having visibility into top selling and slow moving products
  • World class inventory accuracy processes including:
    • Cycle counting, bar code scanning, and Warehouse Management System with built in quality control features
    • Training programs, work instructions, and process audits to support flexibility with consistent results
    • Managing packaging inventory levels to reduce costs and ensure order fulfillment completion
  • Avoiding the loss of sales due to stock outs with collaborative forecast planning sessions and A.I. technologies to enhance material planning
We use engineer-designed operations with optimized storage and picking methodologies to increase the velocity of your supply chain while controlling costs.

  • World class processes to ensure order & inventory accuracy
  • On-time delivery
  • Flexibility
  • Seasonality
  • Scalable shared buildings and cross-trained teams
  • Accuracy
  • Omni-Channel – fulfilling direct to consumer, wholesalers, and store replenishment orders
We manage the inbound flow of returns from various locations and get products back to a sellable state.

  • Enhanced Customer experience with faster return authorization processing
  • Increasing revenue through secondary markets
  • Simplify the management of your reverse supply chain
  • Dispositioning, Repair, refurbishment
  • Liquidation channel support
  • Integration with leading shopping carts, marketplaces, retailers, & ERPs
  • Simplified single platform for order, inventory, and shipping management
  • Enterprise Level data security
  • Automation solutions
  • Realtime visibility & Actionable reports – i.e. on-time shipments, cost per unit, cost to sell
We work with global shipping partners to plan and manage shipping methods

  • Leveraging order volume and relationships with carriers
  • Track and trace throughout life cycle of shipment
  • Optimization ship method to reduce cost & transit time
  • Drop trailers for same day shipping
  • Kitting & Assembly
  • Configuring, programming & assembling electronics
  • Subscription box
  • Packaging inserts
  • Customized packing slips, labels, thank you letters, & inserts

With a consultative approach, Sunland’s team has helped a wide range of retailers and distributors improve their performance & consumer experience. From emerging lifestyle brands to industry leading lawn & and garden brands, we’ve developed omni-channel solutions to successfully support our customers throughout all seasons.

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