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Helping retailers & distributors of all sizes to fulfill orders and distribute a wide range of products with integrated, flexible omni-channel solutions so you can scale, enhance customer experience, & have the analytical insight to optimize your inventory strategy and control costs.

retail logistics solutions for a competitive advantage:

  • On-time order fulfillment and inventory accuracy
  • Reducing lost sales from out of stock products
  • Reducing over costs in additional employees and infrastructure investments
  • Parcel and transportation savings
  • Avoiding excessive compliance fines
  • Packing expertise and cost savings
  • Identifying fast-moving products
  • Reducing Lean / CI reducing waste in processes to drive efficiencies
  • Engineered solutions to optimize layout, inventory storage, and order picking methodologies aligned to fit customers’ performance expectations.

With over 30 years of retail logisitcs experience, Sunland has worked with a wide range of products including electronics, consumer goods, appliances, lifestyle products, lawn care, home & garden, apparel, accessories, toys, sports equipment, and more. Additionally, we have multiple years of experience in receiving, inventory management, and wholesale and eCommerce order fulfillment for manufacturers, merchandisers, and retailers.

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