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Why Sunland?

We have a systematic approach for building and sustaining successful partnerships with our customers to deliver performance results and generate value.

Your Strategic 3PL Warehouse Partner

Our relationship management processes are designed with your strategic direction in mind and engage multiple listening tools to capture the “voice of the customer” throughout your customer journey, positioning our organization to support your short and long-term goals.

Advanced Quality Planning

Our customer-centric philosophy is put into action from the. Beginning. Essential to a successful start is Sunland’s Advanced Quality Planning sessions where we use lean tools & methodologies to align the operational details, performance expectations, communication protocols, etc.

Organization & Relationship Alignment

Specifying & aligning multiple levels of relationship owners from both our teams is critical for success. This ensures the partnership relationship is between our organizations rather than individuals.

Business Reviews

Designed to help our teams remain connected by sharing organization developments, reviews of Key Performance Indicators, updates on improvement projects, and collaborative discussions on future innovations to prioritize.

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Successfully Transitioning Multiple Warehouse Operations for a Leading Electronics Manufacturer

In 2019 Sunland Logistics Solutions helped a leading electronics manufacturer to successfully transition two operations within their warehouse network under an expedited timeline in order to be ready for the peak season without causing service disruptions to their customers.

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Sunland’s team has extensive experience onboarding new starting up & transitioning fulfillment & distribution operations.

Our team members are trained problem solvers empowered to attack waste in operational processes – translating to higher efficiency, cost savings, & increased value.

The Sunland Lean Belt Certification Training Program

We teach all Sunland Team Members about Lean Management Principles & how to leverage quality and Lean tools such as Visual Daily Management,  A3s, Kaizens, and 8Ds for team problem-solving.

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A water solutions manufacturer leading across commercial, municipal, and industrial markets decided to undergo a network optimization in order to support the company’s growth. After in-sourcing their order fulfillment and distribution functions, the manufacturer decided to establish a 3PL partnership with Sunland Logistics Solutions to help support their growing business units to ensure quality, customer service levels, and control costs.

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With Sunland’s Advanced Technology Solutions, we can create transformational change delivering competitive advantages to your value chain.

We can provide our customers with:
  • Customized system solutions
  • Meaningful automation of material handling & storage that will generate an ROI
  • Supply chain intelligence vs. data pollution
  • Real-time visibility leading to exception management & proactive decisions

Connecting technology, providing visibility, and establishing interconnectivity inside and outside the four walls of our facility allows Sunland to achieve a level of efficiency to optimize the operation and successfully support our customers’ business.

Using Sunland and our Tier 1 Warehouse Management System, Infor’s architectural framework supports easy and precise integration. Simplifying electronic exchanges of data allows Sunland to streamline business processes and provide visibility enabling customers to make better decisions within their supply chain.

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Using Lean Project Management to Ensure a Seamless WMS System Transition

In 2015 an international water solutions manufacturer was struggling to manage their U.S. inventory of pumps and parts efficiently across their U.S. network. The primary causes of the manufacturer’s supply chain challenges were a result of SKU complexity and trying to operate multiple distribution centers with disparate systems while shipping products to approximately 5,000 different locations that included jobsites, manufacturing facilities, and municipalities.

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The Sunland Management System

How we consistently fulfill our purpose to help you do what you do better:

Financial Performance results enable investing in continuous improvements to strengthen the organization & better serve customers

Quantified Value to Customers results from the first three components that translates to value, i.e.increased quality & efficiency decreased costs & lead time

Advanced Technologies & Innovation can be leveraged with the right people & processes in place.

A High Performance Team is the critical starting point for success.

Process Leadership mastering the fundamentals to meet customer expectations & earn trust.

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