Value Added Service

Adding value & flexibility with streamlined services

Whether you are struggling to keep up with an increased customer demands, need help managing inventory with specific storage and handling requirements, or your in-house solution isn’t equipped to flex during peak seasons, a third -party logistics partner can be one of the best investments available for your business. The primary benefit to using value-added services is to outsource the areas of your company’s operations that are difficult to handle in-house, be it inventory management or order fulfillment. You get to focus more of your resources on your core business, while Sunland Logistics Solutions manages core functions of your supply chain logistics and serves as an extension of your team.

Order Fulfillment

Through this integration with your systems, we can pull the orders out of your inventory and begin processing without you needing to manually send over this information. That speeds up how quickly orders get fulfilled while keeping the shipping costs under control.


If you need to put together promotional packaging, kits, or seasonal displays, Sunland Logistics Solutions can help execute special projects or long term solutions.

Returns Management

Managing returns has grown to be an increasing challenge for retailers and manufacturers as eCommerce has skyrocketed. It’s complex, it’s messy, and it can be a big drain on resources if not managed carefully. Sunland Logistics Solutions has developed expertise in returns management that can help you turn a challenge like returns management into a competitive advantage by leveraging secondary markets and improving customer experience.

EDI Integration

Whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer, systems integration across your supply chain enables real time, consistent information to help make better, faster business decisions. It can improve quality as a result of eliminating manual data-entry errors and increases productivity without increasing staff. Sunland Logistics Solutions has the tools and the team in place to help lead you through systems integration projects successfully.

Returns management
FTZ Accessibility
EDI integration
Ecommerce fulfillment
Pallet assembly
Bulk transfer
Flaking & Pastillation
Lot tracking
Flammable / Hazmat storage
Drum, tote, Bag, fill line
Heat rail cars, tanks, ISO Tanks, & totes
Storage tanks
Toll processing & blending
Vendor managed inventory
Process Design
Sperrlager process
Complete bank build management
Service parts management
Sanitizing rolls
Roll Refinishing
Large Roll OD Handing

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