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Helping optimize & implement your reverse logistics strategy

Reverse logistics is the movement and management of products and resources after the sale and delivery to the customer. It includes product returns for credit or repairs. Sunland Logistics Solutions specializes in helping retailers manage returned products. We focus on managing the inbound flow of returns from various locations and getting it back to a sellable state.

Developing and executing a successful plan of engagement can be a challenge as it requires an intentionally designed reverse supply chain that is aligned with the company’s overall business strategy. Collaboration with third party logistics partners can help retailers gain the expertise, operations resources, and technology to navigate through these complexities and achieve results to strengthen their triple bottom line.

Specializing in returns management solutions

Sunland specializes in managing returns for a variety of consumer goods and large scale retailers across multiple industry verticals. Offering customized operations and technology solutions to support a company’s reverse logistics strategy, Sunland’s team has a wide range of experience from optimizing resell value in secondary markets for Fortune 50 retailers or repairing electronics, to processing and repackaging returns for luxury bathroom fixtures.

Sunland is a member of the Reverse Logistics Association and well connected with leading academicians in the field of reverse logistics. Our network of reverse logistics experts enables us to stay informed of innovative best practices and have consultants available if additional insight is required for developing a solution to a challenge returns problem.

Increasing value in your reverse supply chain


Customizable returns system solution to provide enhanced real-time visibility with productivity benchmarks, and optimized user experience for the returns processor to help drive efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

Reverse logistics partner whose team is dedicated to reducing waste in operational processes which translates to higher efficiency, cost savings, and increased value from returned products.

Cross training matrix, work instructions, and visual management tools support Sunland’s ability to be flexible and support volume fluctuations successfully.

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