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As Chris Spear, President and CEO of American Trucking Associations, is quoted saying on the American Trucking Association website “Throughout our lives, we rely on a multitude of goods and services to prosper as individuals and as a nation. But no industry is more central to that story than trucking.” This statement has been realized across the nation as citizens are adjusting to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the flow of basic consumer goods.

There has been a growing effort in our industry to show truck drivers the respect and appreciation they deserve. The spread of COVID-19 and importance of social distancing has quickly amplified the need to show truck drivers gratitude and support. This is why Sunland’s Leadership Team charged Sunland’s SunRaisers Committee to help lead the company’s participation in the national #ThankATrucker campaign. #ThankATrucker applauds the 3.5 million professional drivers of 18-wheelers and other vehicles who move some 11.5 billion tons of freight a year.

All Sunland sites are proudly displaying #ThankATrucker banners and have provided a variety of gestures of gratitude, i.e. complimentary snacks, pens, waters, etc. Truck drivers are critical to the success of Sunland’s ability to successfully support our customers’ supply chains. We are grateful for all the essential workers who have helped keep the economy going, and want to show our appreciation and support particularly to the truck drivers visiting our distribution and fulfillment centers who don’t often get to return to their homes at the end of the day.