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Sunland Logistics Solutions is excited to announce Bryan Austin has recently joined the growing Third-Party Logistics company as VP of Business Development.

With more than thirty years in the third-party logistics and supply chain industry, Bryan has a proven track record of accomplishments that include operations, engineering, implementations, and crafting solutions that support the strategic direction of his clients across a wide variety of industries.

When asked why he decided to join Sunland, Bryan responded,

Sunland is highly respected in the third-party logistics industry and is known for their commitment of service to their customers along with their integrity.  I had the opportunity to work with various members of the senior leadership team, and when the opportunity came to join a growing company with a strong foundation, I jumped at the chance.

After twenty years in various warehouse operations management positions, Bryan was then able to leverage his experience and apply his learnings to roles within business development.  This expertise within supply-chain operations has allowed Bryan to have a unique understanding of designing strategic solutions and supporting tactical application.

Elijah Ray, Chief Customer Officer who oversees the Business Development department shares,  “We are thrilled to have Bryan Austin on the Sunland Team. He is a talented and passionate supply chain professional who will bring value to our customers and help lead our organization to achieving our Destination 2028 Strategic Growth goals.”

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