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According to, The purpose of an accident Investigation is not intended to be a tool for apportioning the blame. It’s all too easy to look for someone to blame without considering the reasons or the causes for the safety incident to occur. Often the shortcuts to the working procedures or the methods that may have contributed to the accident give no personal advantage to the person injured. The shortcut may have been taken out of loyalty to the organization or the ignorance of a safer method.

Sunland’s Safety Culture aligns with these beliefs.  We also believe that all accidents are preventable and that the answers are most often found by engaging with our Team Members and keeping them informed.  It is important to realize that during our investigations, we come about the investigation in a spirit to make our workplace safer.


Team Members should notify their leadership as soon as the incident occurs. Once an incident has been reported, the Team Member and leadership’s first responsibility is to ensure that everyone is safe and the injured receives the necessary treatment.

Collect the Facts

Use Sunland’s First Report of Injury Form and Witness Statements to collect information closest to the source of the incident.


As required for all injuries, and significant property damage, analyze and determine how and why the incident occurred in order to develop an effective corrective action plan.

Establish a Corrective Action Plan

An effective corrective action plan will provide recommendations to reduce the reoccurrence of the incident, These recommendations will come as a Safety Team’s investigation, to include Team Members. These results will then be communicated to all Team Members.