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Over the last 40 years, the global economy has expanded to nearly every corner of the world. Nowadays, a company’s supply chain may operate in different states, countries or even continents. While this has allowed many businesses to grow their customer base, it has also made one’s supply chain more complicated than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded many business owners just how unpredictable their supply chain can be. From labour disruptions to blocked shipping canals, many businesses have had to face this harsh reality.

This reality however is being challenged by industry leaders such as Sunland Logistics Solutions. Sunland’s new control tower platform is set on making supply chains more visible and better integrated with every aspect of a company’s operations.

What Is Supply Chain Visibility?

Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) is, in its broadest sense, a way of viewing one’s supply chain from start to finish.

Let’s say a company who produces sheet-paper wants to integrate SCV into their business. By making their supply chain visible, the company can view each stage of their products’ development from when the raw material is purchased, all the way to when the ream of paper reaches the customer.

SCV reveals each step of a company’s supply chain and gives each business the opportunity to analyze and prevent potential disruptions no matter where in the world their products are being developed.

What are the benefits of having a visible supply chain?

1. Real-time Results

SCV gives companies the opportunity to oversee each aspect of their supply chain. If a link in their chain is broken due to shipping delays, new tariffs, or product scarcity, a company can identify and repair a break in their chain earlier on.

2. Protection against a volatile global supply chain

The volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) that companies face today is in large part due to the patch-work system supply chains typically operate within. SCV helps clarify and organize each stage of a company’s operations by collating their systems into a single structure. SCV can’t change the unpredictable nature of the global market, but it can better protect businesses and their profits.

3. Simplifies Data

Data pollution bogs down many companies in their efforts to increase efficiency and oversight. When a supply chain becomes visible, a company can transition away from their reliance on countless spreadsheets and towards an integrated, streamlined system that simplifies their data.

4. End-to-End Visibility

SCV synergizes every aspect of a company’s supply chain from when a product is ordered to when and how it’s purchased by a customer. A centralized platform not only identifies potential supply disruptions but can also optimize their operations from start to finish. SCV allows a business to track both their supply-providers and customers and can identify areas of improvement to best serve their business interests.

What is Sunland Logistics Solutions doing differently?

Hariharan Sivaprakasam, Chief Operating Officer of Sunland Logistics Solutions, wants businesses to think differently when it comes to the management of their supply chains.

“We know what drives value to the customer and that’s providing them with the effective implementation of our systems that will run their business in the fastest possible manner at the lowest possible cost,” said Sivaprakasam.

A growing company with locations across the east coast to the west coast, Sunland understands the importance of listening and building relationships with their clientele. Sunland knows that real-time information is a prized possession with their loyal customer base and intends on providing their clients with the information needed to help best grow their business.

Knowledge on how and when raw materials are purchased, the length and method of product transportation, and even the preferred method of payment for a customer, is all part of the goal of SCV. Sunland knows how powerful this type of information is for a business’ future growth and is set on sharing this knowledge to companies across the country.

Innovative Solutions

Sunland Logistics Solutions knows that information is power and has developed a platform that will help businesses utilize their knowledge in the most efficient way.

On schedule to go to market in 2022, Sunland is currently in the test pilot phase of an innovative new product that will provide a one-stop-shop supply chain management control tower system. Unlike the hundreds of other management systems already in existence, Sunland’s platform integrates the already active systems of a business into a single common platform.

“It isn’t just one more warehouse system. There are enough of those, and those systems are damn good at what they do. Our goal is to connect these systems together to provide our customers with that uniform visibility of what is happening from their supply chain to their customer,” said Sivaprakasam.

This innovative solution is designed to replace the day-to-day reliance many businesses have on multiple management systems and instead feeds each of those systems into a single platform. It will save businesses time and energy by having a single system that employees can access information from on an easy-to-use platform.

It’s all about giving businesses the intelligence they need to best optimize their total operations. Sunland Logistics Solutions knows the benefits of a visible supply chain, and their new platform will share those advantages with their customers.