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The Sunland Management System Winner of the Year is awarded to one team from across the third-party logistics provider’s distribution & fulfillment center network. Sunland Logistics Solutions’ Senior Leadership Team selects the winner based on which team sets the bar for performance by embracing all the components of the Sunland Management System.

Sunland is excited to announce the 2022 Sunland Management System Award Winner is our Sunland Team in Aurora, IL. Watch this video and you will see why!

What is the Sunland Management System?

The Sunland Management System is how we consistently achieve our purpose which is to help our customers to do what they do better.

It is a system that connects our strategic vision and annual goals to tactical implementation.

To give the 1,000 foot view, The Sunland Management System is essential how we run our business as a third-party logistics provider. It is a cyclical process designed to ensure Sunland is creating mutual value for all stakeholders of organization.

We believe having a High Performance Team is the critical starting point for success. The next is Process Leadership which addresses the fundamentals of what we must master in order to meet customer expectations and be a trusted third-party logistics provider. With the right people and processes in place, we can leverage advanced technologies and begin to innovate with the support of our Solutions team of engineers and IT experts.

The first three components are action driven and in collaboration with our customers will generate Quantified Value (such as efficiency gains, cost savings, elevated customer service levels, etc.).  In turn, this leads to financial performance enabling investments back into our High performance team, process leadership, and Advanced technologies to generate more value for our customers.


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